This has to be one of my favourite cuts ever. Seriously, I don’t know what drugs Bob James was on when he came up with this track, but they must have been excellent. I am definitely a fan of his work in general, but he never had a track before or after that even came close to this calibur. I recently came across this article on the track, and its use as a sample throughout hip hop. Pretty dope. Just thought I would come through and pass along a few of my favourite cuts in shitty, lo-fi, youtube form.

There’s so many uses, pick your favourite, and let us know!




the-affair is a sweet clothing company that specializes in limited runs of graphic tees with a little extra thought put into them.  Instead of stupid designs that favor style over substance, these shirts have style AND substance (not to mention that their website is super-slick).

I’m a big fan of the “Jazz Traitor” design.

Click the pic to check them out.


Spork Kills


We here at Drop Knowledge are big fans of pushing the limits. Of going outside the boundaries of your respective field, and bringing in outside influences to create something new. Particularly in music, this genre-bending is something that we love, and encourage more people to try. Because good music is good music, no matter what. And with that being said, I introduce you to Spork Kills. The brainchild of rapper Louis Logic, and production team Beatman and Rockin’, Spork Kills brings a new sound to the world of music. Surf Rap. While most musicians going back to the older days tend to go for the more soulful sound, Spork Kills has brought the fun back with a surfy, cheesy, lounge lizard influence that is sure to put a grin on your face. Not to mention, all the instrumentation was done live in the studio… no samples here. The project is still being finalized, but expect to see an EP drop within the month. In the mean time, head over to MySpace to make friends, and have a listen. I promise you won’t be dissapointed.

the judge

Drop Knowledge, at its core, is a publication designed to redefine what is “cool”.
Our perspective stems from the notion that knowledge breeds “coolness”, thus it is our job to inform our readers about the people, events, and ideas that are influencing the cultural landscape. Once informed, we hope our readers will be able to develop their own educated opinions on what is “cool”. Ideally Drop Knowledge will encourage readers to actively participate in discussions raised by the magazine, but more importantly, we hope to provide access to, and encourage interaction with, all the living, breathing culture that too often resides solely outside the WashU bubble.

We hope to reach this end by providing a wide array of articles meant to stimulate a broader understanding and appreciation for original works of art and service. By highlighting, for example, the newest fashion accessories beside interviews with individuals on campus that advocate for fresh takes on community involvement, Drop Knowledge hopes to draw parallels between all types of “cool”; for it is not necessarily cool to merely wear expensive articles of clothing, but to find truly original ways to express yourself, whether that be through fashion, art, service, etc.

Intrinsic in the nature of the magazine is its commitment to quality. Just like the people and works that are included in the pages, Drop Knowledge strives to be a work of art in itself. Readers will be able to depend on its factual and unbiased reporting, and contributors to the magazine will surely take pride in sharing their interests and passions with the public.

Drop Knowledge is a reflection of our culture, and like that culture, DK has unlimited potential. If contributors remain dedicated to the pursuit and distribution of knowledge, surely the magazine will be a platform for positive change. The all too fashionable trend of ignorance has officially been replaced. Drop Knowledge!

For those who are curious, this is simply our temporary blog as we finalize our design on the actual site. We’ll make an announcement on here, but keep an eye out for, and eventually for a print magazine. Get excited!

the judge