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This has been one of my favourite albums ever since I first heard it last year. The album is by an Australian group called Hilltop Hoods, consisting of MCs Suffa and and Pressure and DJ Debris. This album was originally released as The Hard Road, and featured production by Debris. However, due to the albums […]

This has to be one of my favourite cuts ever. Seriously, I don’t know what drugs Bob James was on when he came up with this track, but they must have been excellent. I am definitely a fan of his work in general, but he never had a track before or after that even came […]



the-affair is a sweet clothing company that specializes in limited runs of graphic tees with a little extra thought put into them.  Instead of stupid designs that favor style over substance, these shirts have style AND substance (not to mention that their website is super-slick). I’m a big fan of the “Jazz Traitor” design. Click […]

Spork Kills


We here at Drop Knowledge are big fans of pushing the limits. Of going outside the boundaries of your respective field, and bringing in outside influences to create something new. Particularly in music, this genre-bending is something that we love, and encourage more people to try. Because good music is good music, no matter what. […]