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Cool PBS video featuring the dean of the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, Carmon Colangelo.

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In the event of a Cloverfield-esque catastrophe, you’re going to need to get out of town – fast.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t look good in the process.

Puma has just released photos of their upcoming Japanese Monster Pack (due March 2009), and for what they lack in subtlety they make up with pure awesomeness.


Featuring Godzilla, Mothra, Mechagodzilla, King Kong and Ghidorah, these kicks are a must for any monster fan or sneaker addict.

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Altitude SicknessI know I’m now 2 for 2 with t-shirt related blog posts, but this site is just too cool to pass up.

Design By Hümans (don’t fault them for the unfortunate umlaut) is a designer tee website producing shirts with the top designs as voted on by users.

It feels kind of like Threadless with more all-over designs.

At $19 and up, these shirts are a real bargain.






lots of fun. more pictures coming. article too.

the judge

This has been one of my favourite albums ever since I first heard it last year. The album is by an Australian group called Hilltop Hoods, consisting of MCs Suffa and and Pressure and DJ Debris. This album was originally released as The Hard Road, and featured production by Debris. However, due to the albums success in Australia, and their desire to step up their live shows, Hilltop Hoods enlisted the help of the Adelaide Symphany Orchestra for some performances. The performances went over so well that they decided to remake the album with the Orchestra providing most of the backing. And the end result is beautiful. I’ll say it again… beautiful. The sound on the album is so lush and full, and most of the new versions sound much better than the originals (which were already good to begin with). I’m surprised this trend has not caught on, especially since KanYe West did something similar with his Late Orchestration. Anyways, I encourage you to check this album out, you’ll be happy you did.

Hilltop Hoods on MySpace

the judge

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